• Dr A. Simkin, Origins Award-winning dice designer -

    “At first I was reluctant to use an electronic alternative to dice but I was soon won over by Critical Machine’s Automatic Dice Roller. Not only is it easy to use with very useful functionality, its keys and display also give it old school charm.”

  • PC -

    "I really enjoy it. It’s got a great feel when using it, and it helps me conserve space by not having to worry about dice. Keeps me more organized because it can make a lot of things simpler. Very easy to pack up and use on the move and I think has a great visual aesthetic. There’s plenty of dice out there, but there’s only one critical hit machine. "

  • RL -

    I absolutely love the ADR. I run an OSR game within the framework of Sword and Sorcery so the ADR fits right in. The feel and build quality stand out to me. Each menacing or random click of the roller adds such a retro and futuristic element to our game. I would have it no other way!